Harken QAL WEEK 5

Harken QAL WEEK 5

Hello, Hello!  Welcome to Week 5. Two things to celebrate:  we're getting closer to finishing our quilts, and the weekend is almost here!!  Woo hoot!

Okay, so this week is another jam packed week, especially if you have some time constraints, which I'm pretty sure most of us do.  We will be assembling our blocks!!  This means all your 4 patch units that were created last week, will be sewn together with your remaining 1.5" long strips, and an A sashing strip. 

  Week 5 Scrappy Harken

Please refer to page 10 and 11 in the pattern this week!  Although this step can be time consuming, it's very straight forward and the results are rewarding.  It's so fun to finally see the completed blocks! For this post, I'm only sharing photos of my scrappy version.  My classic version is a on deck and ready to go, so I'll be doing that one in real time with all of you and may pop in for an Instagram LIVE this week.  

Here's an overview of the process on my scrappy quilt.  Also a bit about color considerations when putting your blocks together.  

pinning at the seams

As I said in the video, I would recommend taking the time, in this case, to pin carefully at the seams as shown in the video.

pinning at the seam

There are times when I don't bother with pinning.  This is NOT one of them.  I really like this center square, "pop" of color to be crispy and spot on if possible.   

 Nested seams make for clean corners

Press the seam inward, toward the sashing strip.  This will matter, since you pressed your Sashing A strip seams out.  

Sample scrappy Harken blocks

Repeat 15 more times and you're all set!  Ha, that does sound like a lot of work.  Pace yourself.  Maybe set a goal of 4 blocks per session. 

Harken Scrappy Week 5 QAL

And most of all have fun and enjoy the process!   


Our generous sponsor this week is Piper Autumn Fabric Shop!  Jen is offering a gorgeously curated bundle of fall inspired FQs.  It's just such a yummy stack with loads of possibility! 

 Piper Autumn

Jen is such whiz with color and always has such amazing bundles in her shop.  

Piper Autumn Fabric bundleFor the week 5 prize, she is offering a gorgeously curated bundle of 8 fall inspired FQs.  It's just such a yummy stack with loads of possibility! Don't forget to post by Tuesday and make sure to tag @bloomingpoppies and #harkenqal !  Thanks friends, enjoy!  

Okay, friends, happy sewing!!

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