Twin Lakes Quilt Pattern Variations

Twin Lakes Quilt Pattern Variations


Twin Lakes Quilt

I released the Twin Lakes Quilt Pattern back in 2022!  Now almost two years later, I am excited to be re visiting it with some variations that I think can easily provide some added dimension and visual interest.  

Twin Lakes Quilt at Twin Lakes

The original cover version uses just 4 colors and a background fabric.  While I'm all for a limited palette and keeping things minimal, sometimes it's fun to add just a bit more variety.  So grab your Twin Lakes pattern and have a look with me!  

Twin Lakes Pattern Cover

There is a very straightforward and easy way to add these simple variations without having to do any complicated math.  It's simply a matter of trading out one color for another in two strategic places and adding an optional border.  Read on for details. 

Twin Lakes OG version Blue
Twin Lakes Variation Version
Twin Lakes OG version Pink
Twin Lakes Variations Pink
Twin Lakes OG version Coral
Twin Lakes Variation Version coral
Twin Lakes OG puple
Twin Lakes Variations Version
Twin Lakes OG blue/pink
Twin Lakes Variation Version
Twin Lakes OG Version peach/blue
Twin Lakes Variation peach/blue

Above you see an original version followed by a variation version.  In each variation version, I have done the following: 

1. Introduced a 5th color and replaced the Fabric A center diamond in a square block unit with that 5th color.  

2. Used that same 5th color to also replace the Fabric B HST units on the outer 4 corners of the block.

3. Added a 4" (could be any size) border to the perimeter of the quilt. 

4. Optionally, change out the Fabric C corners for the inside "X" shape (last two examples).

Note: Having the pattern in front you will help illustrate just how straight forward these changes are. 

So what do you think?  Do you prefer the original or variations versions?  Do you have a favorite color palette?   I'm trying to decide which one to make next!  Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.  

If you haven't grabbed your pattern yet, head on over to pick one up HERE or through Etsy, HERE.

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