The Urban Light Quilt

Well, the Urban Light Quilt Pattern is here!  That's right, this pattern is available and ready to help you make your next favorite quilt!  I invite you to head over to the shop and check it out!   


Urban Light Cover Page
Urban Light Quilt- Blooming Poppies

I'm so excited to be able to share this super fun, beginner friendly pattern with you all.  This design feels like a combination of the sweetness of your grandma's quilts with just enough modern twist to make it feel current and new!   

Urban Light Quilt - Blooming Poppies
If you're looking for a fast, straightforward, easy finish with some traditional techniques and a modern aesthetic, the Urban Light Quilt pattern might be just what you're looking for.  Great for beginning quilters but so, so fun for the seasoned quilter as welll! 
Urban Light- Blooming Poppies
This quilt pattern was a blast to make!  I was able to collaborate with some amazing pattern testers who created some really fun versions.  Please feel free to check them out using the hashtag #urbanlightquilt over on Instagram.
Urban Light Quilt- Blooming Poppies
The Urban Light Quilt pattern offers 4 size options however I include optional border instructions to customize the sizes.  This is helpful if you want to make a specific size and allows you to use the pattern over and over for a variety of needs..... baby gift for a friend, bed quilt for your son or daughter, lap quilt for a parent, or a throw size for yourself, etc.  
Urban Light Quilt- Blooming Poppies
For the two versions shown in these photos, I've used the Ruby Star Rise collection by Melody Miller.  She created these purple and blue colorways and I about flipped when I saw them.  I instantly knew I would have to create something to let these prints shine.  The cherry on top is the minky I added to the back!  Mmm, so good and soft!!  For more photos and short videos, you can check my IG feed, which I basically flooded with photos of these quilts:-)!  
Urban Light Fabric Requirements
The fabric requirements are here in case you want to take a little peek to see what you would need for the size you might like to create. 
Urban Light over lader 
I hope you'll consider giving this pattern a go! Thanks for reading!