Guard Rails Quilt// Taking Creative Risks

Guard Rails Quilt// Taking Creative Risks

The moment I dove into the darkest, deepest Kona gray yardage I had on my shelf and began cutting into it for my background on this Guard Rails Quilt, I knew this quilt would be something meaningful and special to me.  I know it may seem like an insignificant move to most but for me it was a creative risk that I've been mostly very curious about but too afraid to make happen.  

Guard Rails Quilt- Blooming Poppies

For all my years of quilting, I have always leaned toward white/light backgrounds and with the exception of a Bodhi Quilt I made a couple of years ago, I had never used a dark background fabric. 

Guard Rails Quilt 2-Blooming Poppies

I had a good feeling though about this little creative risk I was taking and just went with it. I'm so happy I did! 

color strips for guard rails quilt

The way the color palette of scraps came together and worked with the dark background just clicked from the beginning and I was on my way!  I had so much fun putting these blocks together. 

improv block process for guard rails quilt

I didn't take many process shots because it all happened so fast and I was usually so in the zone I forgot to stop for photos!  Love it when that happens! 

Guard Rails Close up

The choice to use this cream colored sashiko thread was another creative risk for me.  I was concerned that the baptist fans in this light color might detract too much from the improv work.... maybe they do, but for me, it works! 

Guard Rails hand quilting

I again, just had to trust my instincts and go with my vision.  And again, I'm so glad I did. 

Full Guard Rails Quilt


Guard Rails Quilt back

I chose to offset the linear aspects on the front with a soft floral from Hawthorne Supply Co, on the back.  I love the way it picks up the colors of the front and takes some of the overall edge off the piece.

Guard Rails quilt over ladder

This quilt is made up of 100% cotton.  The improv sections are all scraps- just leftover from previous projects. 

Guard Rails Quilt over ladder

At 46" x 46" this one is perfect for a baby quilt (for that really edgy, modern family?) or makes a great dramatic wall hanging.  If interested in this piece, and you would like a hanging sleeve added, please contact me through email. 

Guard Rails 3

The Guard Rails Quilt pattern is available as a digital download in my shop if you'd like to have a go at your own.   If you do, I highly encourage you to take some creative risks.  




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