Scraps or Yardage for Improv Piecing?

Scraps or Yardage for Improv Piecing?

Improv piecing is great for using up scraps!!  It's also great, though,  for fat quarters or just some of your most favorite colors/textures of yardage.  1/8 yards and 1/4 yards are perfect for creating improv blocks.  

Blooming Poppies- Improv using yardage or scraps

I'm currently working on two more Framework Quilts, one with just my scraps and another using yardage I pulled from my shelves.  

Blooming Poppies- improv with scraps

One of the reasons I love using scraps is that I don't have to even think twice about making a "unnecessary" cuts or worry about wasting fabric.  Since these pieces are already offcuts from previous projects, I am giving them new life by putting them into another piece, if I loose a few inches here and there in the process.... it's all good!  

Blooming Poppies- improv from yardage

On the other hand, what I love about about pulling or purchasing new yardage for my improv piecing is that it's just so FUN!  I mean who doesn't love diving into a brand new bundle of beautiful yardage in colors that you are currently crushing on, or that you were inspired to pull together from what you have on shelves? Sometimes I feel very protective about this yardage and a bit guarded since I don't want to "waste" any of it.  Here's the thing though.... if you make a cut that doesn't work in your piece, just toss it in your SCRAP pile for your next, you guessed it- improv project!!  Win, win! 

So if you're contemplating an improv project, be assured that either way, scraps or yardage, you're good to go and can enjoy the process just the same.  

The Framework Quilt Pattern will release November 4.  You can check out the hashtag #frameworkquilt .  My awesome testers have begun to post some really cool process shots!  

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