Scrappy Mini Quilt Redux - A New and Improved Tutorial

Scrappy Mini Quilt Redux - A New and Improved Tutorial


Original scrappy mini 2012I'm so happy to share that my original tutorial from 2012, then called Scrappy Hot Pad Tutorial, has been rewritten.  The 2.0 version is updated with better photos, more examples, clearer instructions and options for how to make it fit your needs. 

Set of scrappy minis 2012When I first wrote this tutorial (original photos shown above), I was only using these little minis as hot pads.  It wasn't until I started gifting them that I realized they were more versatile than I thought.  I would go to my friends/family's homes and notice that the "hot pads" I made for them were being used as small place mats, framed as textile art, table trivets for bowls on the dinner table, etc.  

Scrappy Mini Tutorial New and ImprovedSo even though it took me over ten years, I have finally re worked this fun little project to offer you all a new and improved tutorial.  The Scrappy Mini Quilt Tutorial is now available in my shop for a small fee. This is still the same charming little improv based project.  Nothing has really changed about the design, it's just a more user friendly format.  We all love that don't we?  

Since the improv part of this tutorial seems the most challenging for some quilters, especially beginners or those new to improv, I have a You Tube Channel where I share some process videos.  This is an ever changing series as I often add new videos.  Feel free to come check it out.  

scrappy mini in progressThese #bpscrappyminis are so super fun to make and are perfect for that quick handmade gift you've been looking to create.  Over the years, I have given these to my daughter's teachers, my neighbors, lots of family members,  and our favorite dog sitter.   scrappy mini in progressIn addition to being fun to make, they are a GREAT scrap buster project.  So all those overflowing bins of treasured scraps and pieces of your favorite stash fabrics, can finally be put to use. 

Scrappy Mini preparing to quilt

Holiday themed scrappy minis

I love that you can really use up even the smallest bits to make a beautiful piece of improv for your scrappy mini!  Or what about pieces of fabric that might be themed, or specific to a certain person's interest.  This is a great way to use up those little strips and pieces.  

scrappy improv

And guess what, if you happen to be short on scraps or don't have much stash fabric.  I've got you covered. 



scraps bundle

That's right, maybe you're a beginner sewist/quilter and don't yet have many leftovers or maybe you're just wanting something that is new to you.  I have a few beautifully curated scrap bags ready to go and more are added to the shop often.  

scrappy mini

I hope you'll check out my new Scrappy Mini Quilt tutorial  and get started with this fun, playful improv project.  We all need to toss out the ruler and just play every once in a while, right? 

Happy sewing!

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