The Road Trip Quilt Pattern Got A Makeover

The Road Trip Quilt Pattern Got A Makeover

Hey there, did you hear the news?  The Road Trip Pattern got a much needed makeover my friends!  She was looking a bit tired and wasn't quite as shiny as she could be.  So I gave her the full treatment and she is back in action! Oh, and I have a fun question for you at the end of this post.  I'd love to hear from you!

Road Trip Makeover

So this was the second pattern I wrote (the first one was so bad, I couldn't bear to keep it out in the world) back in 2017/18.  Since then it has somehow become one of my bestselling patterns.  I love this charming little beginner friendly pattern.  It makes creating your first quilt very easy and fun.  It also works great as a quick make for the ultra experienced quilter and everyone in between.    

Original Road Trip Quilt - Blooming Poppies
So the pattern still features the same design and has some of the same "charm" but is now much easier to follow.  It has more detailed instructions, loads of sample mock ups, charts and graphs... and best of all it now has a BONUS throw pillow edition!



Road Trip Quilt Pattern Cover - Blooming Poppies


The design has two sizes of quilt in addition to the bonus pillow size.  The lap size is great for curling up on the couch or your favorite chair with a good book. 

Road Trip Quilt  with border

If you like a larger lap size, this quilt looks great with a border size of your choice added to all four sides.  

Lap Size Samples     Road Trip Quilt sample mock up

Road Trip Quilt sample mock up 2

The Crib size on the other hand, is perfect for a little nap quilt in the crib, but small enough to use in the stroller.  It's great for tummy time on the floor, or as a toddlers favorite take everywhere "blankie"!  It's the perfect baby shower gift!  

Road Trip Quilt with borders

Just like the  lap size quilt, the crib size also looks great with an added border of your choice.

Crib Size Samples

Crib size Road Trip Quilt


Crib Size Sample Road Trip Quilt
 Crib Size Sample Road Trip QuiltThis quilt looks great with both solids and prints.  It works as a super modern and clean but traditional leaning quilt when you use all solids.  But throw some sweet florals or vintage feed sack fabrics in there and it could go fully in the old school, ultra traditional quilt camp.  What is your preference?  I like somewhere in between.  
Road Trip Pillow
Road Trip Pillow Size
Road Trip Crib Size
Road Trip Lap Size
I have recently made two pillow sizes, a crib size with borders, and a lap size.  All happen to be in different stages of completion, but hey, I'll get there, and the pattern got it's makeover, haha! That was job #1! 
Road Trip Collage
So head on over if you haven't yet and check it out either on my website or in my Etsy shop!  
I'm so curious... are you loving the Road Trip Quilt with solids for a minimal, modern look or do you prefer the more traditional mix of prints?  What might you do with your Road Trip Quilt?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments!  
Have a great day!     ~Karen
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Love the quilt. I wouldn’t make with anything BUT solids!


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