Part 2- Framework Quilt Improv Series

Part 2- Framework Quilt Improv Series


As some of you might know, I have not only shared the official Part 1 of my Framework Improv Video series, but I'm also sprinkling in tons of short, informal little instructional technique videos over on my IGTV.  I have been so blown away by the positive response to these videos.  I'm hearing many of you say how excited and inspired you are to give improv a try..... I couldn't be more happy to hear this!  Thank you!  This is a great time to be exploring these new techniques and playing with color and shape;  really diving into how you like to do improv!  This way, when this beginner friendly pattern comes out, you'll be all ready to just dive right in.  


I'm thrilled to be able to share Part 2 of my little video series on how to create improv blocks, more specifically, improv blocks for the framework quilt.  In this video, I'll share how to get started with your blocks and offer some tips on cutting your fabric.  This is a beginner friendly and fat quarter friendly pattern that I can't wait to share with you all on November 4!  

This pattern gives you 6 size options (not 7 as stated in the video) and is super modern yet playful.  

Blooming Poppies Modern Quilt Pattern

If you've had a gorgeous bundle of fat quarters or 1/4 yards just waiting for the right pattern, or your scraps bins are overflowing, the Framework pattern is just the thing!  And oh the possibilities..... 


Blooming Poppies Modern Quilt Pattern- Framework Quilt

These little improv squares are great with both solids and prints alike.

Blooming Poppies Framework Quilt

As you can see I'm really a solids kinda gal, but stay tuned for a few actual samples with prints as well. 

Blooming Poppies Framework Quilt

I love how all the negative space really lets your improv work shine. 

Blooming Poppies Framework Quilt

Feel free to follow the hashtag #frameworkquilt to see what my awesome testers have been up to.

Blooming Poppies Framework Quilt

The point is, the sky is the limit with the Framework Quilt Pattern.  I hope you'll decide to check it out right here on November 4!  Subscribers will receive a coupon code at three different fabric shops that are offering three unique and fun bundles to create this quilt in a flash.  If you haven't subscribed yet...... hit that button and sign up my friend!  I'd love to keep you in the loop.  

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