Part 1-Framework Quilt Video Improv Series

Part 1-Framework Quilt Video Improv Series

You know how when you get a crazy idea and tell your partner about it and said partner gets ridiculously excited about your crazy idea and runs with it?  Yeah, me too!  

I really wanted to begin a series that will hopefully empower anyone who feels intimidated or uncertain about improv and how to begin.  In this series, I'll walk you through my process as it relates to the Framework Quilt pattern, releasing November 4th!   

I invite you to take a 10 minute break with me and hear/see a bit about how I choose colors and how you too can begin your process of improv, choosing your palette, deciding whether to use your scraps or yardage, and a variety of other little tidbits. 

I'm brand new to this video making world, so bear with me as I hope each one will be a bit better and more concise than the one before. 

Thanks so much for watching.  I hope you enjoy and feel inspired to give your own improv a go.  The Framework Quilt pattern can be found here!!

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