Guard Rails Quilt Pattern

Guard Rails Quilt Pattern

Hi Friends!  I'm excited to finally be on the verge of releasing this fun new improv pattern. It'll be official this Tuesday, May 4th!! Woo hoo!

Guard Rails in the wind

This is a design that has been in the works for many months and that I have been enjoying so much (I've created three of them so far), and that I'm happy to say, I have finished writing the pattern for!  Not sure why it took me so long, but hey, it's finished and ready for you to download FREE  for a limited time, as a subscriber to!  Yay!   

Guardrails Quilt

The Guard Rails Quilt is SO fun to make!  It allows for tons of creative fabric play and freedom to make it your own, while providing the "guardrails" that you need to keep everything from spinning out of control..... although, I'm all for that too!

Guard Rails Quilt swirl

Yes, this improv design is great for beginning quilters and those new to improv as it is introducing you to very basic and straightforward (if you want) improv techniques, with tons of examples and diagrams to help you along the way!


Pink Guard Rails Quilt

You can play with color, shape, print and pattern in this design and use up all your favorite scraps and/or fat quarters in the process.  Gotta love options right? 

Guard Rails Quilt Variation on the design wall

Speaking of options, while I designed this pattern with ample negative space (borders not attached yet in the photo above) and as a square finish, the beauty of it is that you can customize it to your needs or visual preference in a snap!  It's so easy to play with this one and make it your own. 

Guard Rails Quilt- dark background

This quilt could easily be your new go-to design for quick quilt gifts, easy to finish up in a weekend! 

Guard Rails Quilt basting

Beware however if you decide to hand quilt it like I'm doing for two of them.... you'll need a bit more time :-)! 

Guard Rails Quilt- hand quilting
I just couldn't resist the mix of modern with the ultimate handmade finishing touch. Stay tuned for final photos of this one and feel free to check out my Instagram for tons more photos of this and other Guard Rails Quilts- including those from my pattern testers.  Follow or see hashtag #guardrailsquilt .
Guard Rails Quilt washed and crinkled
If you have been curious about improv and want to give it a go, I invite you to come have a look at the Guard Rails Quilt Pattern.  It'll be in the shop for purchase starting this Tuesday, May 4th or Free (for a limited time) to newsletter subscribers! 



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