Drishti Quilt- A New Pattern Coming Soon

Drishti Quilt- A New Pattern Coming Soon

With summer officially in full swing in our neck of the woods, and all my girls home and busy with a variety of activities that keep me scheduling, shuttling and feeding and cleaning up (yes, they help, but I'm still up to eyeballs), I'm definitely in slow mode for creating in my sewing space.  I have to be honest, I always struggle with how to balance both my work (done in my home) and my home/family life. 

Drishti Quilt

I know I'm not alone in this struggle and like many others just continue to do my best.  

Drishti Quilt blocks

My strategy lately has been to try to get through at least one small quilt oriented task a day, or take like 20 minutes to get in my space and sew a couple of seams- hey, it's a small but mighty move in my world these days.

Drishti Quilt 4

A project I have managed to barely keep afloat, but am actually super excited about,  is my newest soon to be pattern, the Drishti Quilt! 

Drishti Quilt
I just love this little baby size version!  
Drishti Quilt with dark background

This block based design is a super fat eighth/quarter, scrap friendly design that will come with four size options.  Yay!  

Drishti Quilt 3

I love how well this one works with both prints and solids, dark or light background, how traditional yet modern it feels, and how fun it is to make. 

Drishti Quilt

This pattern and the quilts that go with it, is coming together very slowly and while I get frustrated by the pace at times, I'm trying to trust the process and know that it'll eventually be ready to share with you all.  


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