Blooming Poppies Scrappy Minis - Improv Style

When I first created these minis back in 2011 or 12 - yikes, that's a long time ago, they were very popular among my friends and family.  People were asking if I could make some for them to give as gifts or they wanted some for themselves, or both! 

multiple original scrappy minis

This was in my early blogging days and even though writing tutorials was not "my thing", I decided this little quilted improv project was worth sharing.  So I put together a tutorial, and slapped it up on my little blog!  Whoa, was I surprised with the positive feedback and interest!  

Original Scrappy Mini

This was a project people really seemed to like! Who knew?!  I was both suprised and happy at the response.  At the time, Improv piecing was my go to method and I was obsessed, so to be able to share my obsession with others and have them enjoy it and "get" how much fun it could be was really satisfying and rewarding. 

 Original Scrappy Mini -2

Life moved on and I left my tutorial up for a good ten years.  But recently I decided it was overdue for a complete overhaul!  My very outdated and rough little tutorial was not really letting the true versatility and improv nature of the project shine through.  

Scrappy Mini Tutorial

Cut to today!  As part of the #handmadeholidaychallenge hosted by Bess of @sidelakestitch, I finally released a new and much improved Scrappy Mini tutorial!  I'm so proud of this tutorial, available for FREE through November 12th.  

scrappy mini

These are essentially the same as they were ten years ago, only I've added a few things. 

walking foot

I've included additional method for finishing, much more overall detail,  better photographs and now I have videos galore on how to create the improv!  

Improv square

What I loved about this project 10 years is the same thing I love about it now.  It's playful, low stress sewing that results in a versatile, pretty and unique gift for yourself or someone you care about.  

scrappy improv

And it's an awesome scrap buster project! I think we can all appreciate that aspect of any project:-)!  Great with either solids or your favorite prints - thank you @sharonhollanddesigns

two scrappy minis

I just love how this little project checks all the feel good boxes. 

scrappy mini machine stitched

It's easy and fun to create, offers two different finishing options, is functional, easily personalized for the recipient, and has a sweet, funky, handmade vibe!  Yes please and thank you to all that!  

scrappy mini and supplies

I hope you'll decide to join up with the Handmade Holiday Challenge  and check out this and 6 other FREE tutorials available through Nov 12! 


Here is an informal introduction video.  This is the first of a short series found on my YouTube channel.  I invite you to step into my little world of slow, creative improv, from the first strips to the final block!  

Scrap Bundle - blooming poppies

blue scrap bundle - blooming poppies

And if you're looking for a generous bundle of scraps just perfect for getting you started on your own #bpscrappymini, then check my shop.  I have just two left.  More coming soon!

Thanks for reading!  Happy sewing!


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